April 28th, 2020

Version 1.2: Apple Card Import, Editable Currencies, Recurring Pricing and iPadOS Cursor Support

After six months of work, our 1.2 update is coming May 25th and it brings several requested features, new tweaks, plenty of bug fixes and more. Here are the highlights:

  • Editable currencies: Use any currency you’d like for each of your lists, great for international travelers and users.
  • Import for Apple Card: Import any Apple Card statement into a list with one tap.
  • Recurring pricing: Track subscriptions in your life with a new “recurring” pricing option which supports any duration of daily, weekly, monthly or yearly charges.
  • iPadOS cursor support: We’ve overhauled the entire app to work exceptionally with the new iPadOS cursor.
  • New contextual actions: We’ve tripled the amount of context actions available such as duplicating, copying or moving lists and items (to name a few).
  • Plus, we’ve sprinkled in new sounds from award-winning sound composer Josh Mobley and tons of new custom icons.

Even more, we’ve addressed several bugs and stability issues by rewriting about one third of the app in Swift which lets us take advantage of several new APIs from Apple.

Enough words, why not check out the video yourself showing off these features or check out the updated press kit for more information: