Meet Spend Stack

Budgets, shopping lists, expense tracking or subscriptions in one spot.

Built for iOS 14.

All of the features you'd expect in a best in class app.

Powerful Widgets

Bring important info about your money to your homescreen.

Dark Mode

Turn out the lights with our gorgeous dark mode support.

Multiple Windows

First class support for multiple windows on iPadOS.

iPadOS Cursor

Optimized for the mouse on iPad.

Any Size

We support every device orientation and size for multitasking.

Low Power

Animations, blurring and more intelligently disable in low power mode.

iCloud Sync

Your data everywhere, no sign up or account needed.

iCloud Sharing

Send your list to anyone to collaborate with.

Context Actions

Quick actions, context menus and more are baked right in.

Undo Redo

Use iOS 13's new undo and redo gestures to correct anything.


From Voice Over to color contrast.

Keyboard Support

Get around faster without lifting a finger.

Drag and Drop

Reordering stuff and more is only a drag away.

Dynamic Type

Small or large, we'll display your font size choice in iOS.

Rich Links

Add links to items, and enjoy rich link previews.

Export Lists

To printing, .PDF, text or as an image.

Don't take our word for it.

See why we've been featured by Apple, used in their stores as a retail app and covered by press.

Recent Reviews

Excellent App! Does What’s Expected + More


I think that the design is great and intuitive. It gives information and structure where it’s necessary.

New User - Love It


This app is really powerful and easy to use. It's an excellent app.

Excellent App

Right Away?

I have been using this app now for about a week and finding that it’s a joy to use and useful utility.

Intuitive and well polished

David Levine

The app is extremely easy to use. It looks great. It works great.

Press Coverage

"Spend Stack is a truly high-quality, well designed new app."

- Ryan Christoffel

"The app syncs across devices and makes it easy to share lists and more."

- Chance Miller

"I love everything about Spend Stack. Go get it."

- David Bressler

"Anybody who needs a list that involves money will find a solution in Spend Stack."

- Andy Ihnatko

Handle any list dealing with money on iOS.