September 17th, 2019

Our iOS 13 Update

With iOS 13 releasing this Thursday, several new exciting features are set to release to millions of iOS users around the globe. Spend Stack version 1.1.0, which also releases this Thursday, is set to leverage all of them. Here are some things to look forward to.

Dark Mode

What’s probably the most requested feature many have clamored for on iOS finally arrives in iOS 13. Now, developers like us are able to offer up a fully system supported dark mode. In version 1.1.0, if you’ve turned on dark mode, Spend Stack will honor that and turn out the lights:

iOS 13 Dark Mode

Contextual Actions

Getting to the actions you want to do most is important to many users. Until now, there hasn’t been an established way to quickly vend these types of actions within iOS apps, regardless of the iOS device you might be using.

Thankfully, Apple has sought to solve this problem with iOS 13 and context actions. Now, you can long press on a list, or a list item, within Spend Stack to reveal several useful shortcuts. Even better, this functionality is available on any iOS device (yes - even iPad):

iOS 13 Context Menus

More of these will be added in future updates as well, and we think it’s a great way to quickly get things done in Spend Stack.

Gesture Editing

Following along with the point above, editing a large number of items at once hasn’t been easy in Spend Stack. We’re changing that with version 1.1.0, now you simply drag two fingers down when viewing your lists, or when viewing a single list, to quickly select multiple things at once:

When viewing lists you can:

  • Export
  • Delete

…multiple lists at once.

And when viewing a list you can:

  • Export
  • Delete
  • Set a new tag

…multiple items on your list at once. Here’s what this looks like below:

iOS 13 Context Menus

New Iconography

Apple has introduced new high quality iconography that developers can make use of starting with iOS 13. When opening Spend Stack, you’ll notice several icons have been updated with this new style Apple is calling SF Symbols. This provides clear, concise imagery - but there are other benefits as well. Since these are packaged with iOS, Spend Stack’s download size (already sitting at a reasonable 4MB) will become even smaller. These glyphs automatically adjust to font weights too, ensuring they are viable from an accessibility standpoint.

More To Come

With iPadOS right around the corner, rest assured that we’ll be ready for the new opportunities it brings along with it such as multiple spaces support. Until then, we hope you enjoy Spend Stack on iOS 13!

If you are interested in covering Spend Stack, you can view our press kit for more information, and download assets here as well.