September 16th, 2020

Spend Stack and iOS 14 brings new widgets and features.

Version 1.3 of Spend Stack releases alongside iOS 14, and we’ve got several new features to talk about.

The hero?

Without a doubt, our new widgets. We’ve got seven of them to make viewing where your money goes, trivial.


Our new widgets bring information that’s truly helpful, important and timely right to the forefront of your device. Here’s what each of them do.

Recurring Costs
View recurring costs for the month. Surface how you’re paying for things like gym memberships, TV packages and more. It’ll also show the next item that’s due. Available in the small widget size.

Tag Insights
Next up, tag insights. People categorize all sorts of important financial data using tags in Spend Stack, and now it’s easier than ever to get a big picture view of them. View how much you’ve spent in a tag by week, month or year. This widget is available in all sizes.

List Insights
Finally, our list insights widget. See how much money is going through one of your lists with an easy to understand line chart showing amounts for each of the tags within the list. Also available in all sizes, the medium and large variations include more information to help you get a complete view of a list in one spot.

By bringing all of these widgets together, you truly can create an entire financial dashboard right on your homescreen.

In addition to widgets, we’ve also included support for spotlight search, new design changes that take advantage of iOS 14 updates such as less modality throughout the app, updated menus, media pickers and more in addition to several bug fixes to deliver an exciting, and stable, version of Spend Stack.

Be sure to get any of these images from our press kit and to learn more.