Press Kit

Spend Stack Press Kit

Core Features

At its core, Spend Stack is an app to create any list dealing with money.

Its primary strength is the ability to calculate an accurate, to the penny running total. It does this by accounting for and dynamically looking up the local sales tax (United States only), applying discount amounts (by percentage or fixed amount off), pricing by weight (for things like produce), or quantity.

For example, Spend Stack could calculate how much apples might cost on your next grocery shopping trip with sales tax, a 20% off discount and if they were $3.00 a pound and say you bought 2.34 pounds of them.

Some main uses for it are grocery lists, Christmas or birthday lists, “envelope” budgets or planning your next vacation’s expenses. Any list where you might want to add up items is perfect for Spend Stack. Though it’s advanced for that use case, it also excels as a normal list app, with options to forgo using pricing at all, and to include or exclude checkboxes for items.

In addition, it has:

  • A powerful tag system. Users can create their own tags to categorize items.
  • iCloud Syncing. All data is automatically synced to all iOS devices using the same iCloud account.
  • iCloud Sharing. Share your list with anyone and collaborate on them together, each person that’s added to the list will see everyone’s additions.
  • Detailed Item Entry. Add notes, images and more to each of your items.
  • Export lists. You can print them off, export as a .PDF, image or plain text.
  • Tag Insights. See how much money you’ve spent across each tag on a list. Useful for budgeting lists.
  • Fast Search. Search all of your tags, lists, and items from within one spot.
  • Accessibility. Dynamic type is fully supported. Spend Stack works in any orientation, on any device with any font size choice.
  • Best in Class Features. Leveraging iOS technology is important, so expect things like drag and drop, dark mode, multiple spaces on iPadOS, keyboard support and more.


$4.99. No in-app purchases or subscriptions. Spend Stack is a universal app for iPhone and iPad.

Release Date

July 18th, 2019.


Spend Stack is available in all territories that the App Store supports. It has been internationlized, supports every currency and is fully localized for Germany, Indonesia and English speaking countries with more support for other languages to follow.


Images and logo are downloadable here. Additionally, feel free to use any images on the main splash page.

Release Trailer

About Us

Spend Stack was designed and developed by Jordan Morgan. It is released under his L.L.C., Dreaming In Binary. Jordan is from Ozark, Missouri where he lives with his wife and three kids. Spend Stack’s development began in November of 2016. It started as a way for Jordan and his wife to budget their cash more efficiently, and grew from there.

You can read the whole story behind it here.

Spend Stack is the only app Dreaming In Binary produces, and the vision is to create a best in class experience for it on all of Apple’s platforms.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re happy to answer anything!