November 8th, 2019

Sharing Christmas Lists

The holidays are right around the corner, and Spend Stack is here to give you a hand with your seasonal shopping. Today, let’s take a look at how we can make things a little easier for you as you take on this year’s Christmas list!


It all starts with tags in Spend Stack. Tags are a way to break down your list into logical sections, and how that looks is completely up to you. In our example, I’ll make a tag for each person I’ll be shopping for this year in the Morgan household:

With my tags in place, now I’ve got a way to categorize each item I want to shop for this year. I like to start out by putting in some gift ideas I have in mind, and then I worry about the other details, like their pricing or stores that have the item on sale, later.

To make things quick and easy, I put in several things at once and use drag and drop to place them where they should go:

Or, you can drag with two fingers down on your list to begin edit mode - and then I can select every item I want to move into a tag, and get it done in one tap:


Of course, I won’t be the only one shopping this year. Once I’ve got some ideas in place, that’s when I share the list with Jordan (my husband, and Spend Stack’s developer)! Sharing makes it trivial to keep things in sync.

Once I’ve shared my list with Jordan, and he accepts the invitation - each one of us will see the exact same list, and newly added items sync to it instantly. Sharing your list with others is one of Spend Stack’s most powerful features, and we share lists for everything from our grocery shopping, budgeting for the month and even vacation planning.

Filling In The Details

Now that I’ve got some items, tags and I’m sharing my list and seeing Jordan’s ideas syncing over - it’s time to fill in some details!

I’ll start with a basketball our oldest son, Bennett, has been asking for. As our resident hooper of the house, he’s always looking for another ball to play with. I’ve got a few leads on a Wilson basketball that’s been on sale, so I’ve added those stores into a note on the item.

Plus, I need to make sure Jordan knows exactly the ball he’s after. Wilson makes several different kinds, so I’m always adding an image to each item to clear up any confusion.

Finally, I’ve got an idea of how much these gifts are going to cost. I’m quite the budgeter myself, so I want to know how much all of these things might cost - to the penny. Luckily, Spend Stack can get us there!

First, I know I’ll be shopping in Ozark, Missouri - so I’ve got a sales tax rate set on my list for that area:

For areas where this tax won’t apply, such as online shopping, I can easily turn off the sales tax for those items.

Next, I’ve filled in the prices of each item - and now my sales tax is included automatically. But that’s not the end, since some of these things are on sale. So, for Bennett’s basketball, I’ve noticed a 20% off coupon - so I added that in as well:

Now Spend Stack tells me the exact price I’ll pay by figuring in sales tax along with the discount!

With that set - I think Jordan and I are ready to take on our hoiday shopping. Our final list ends up looking something like this, checking things off as we buy them:

We hope Spend Stack can help you do the same! Enjoy this special time of the year, and if there is anything we can help you with, please feel free to reach out to us directly.